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David Rincon is the Founder & CEO of Wizhire, prior to founding Wizhire, David served as a Senior Technical Sourcer at Uber for nearly 2 years, where his mission was to be a driving force to facilitate and execute the talent acquisition roadmap aligned with the company’s DNA and vision. During his tenure, he rebuilt and implemented multiple recruitment processes, proposed strategy redesigns, and grew multidisciplinary and distributed teams across NAMER, LATAM, and EMEA with an impressive 1:3 ratio of hired versus initially advanced candidates. As some colleagues bolstered, "it was never a volume game."


David started his career at Hays as Intern. Within 2 very passionate years of endless shifts, over 80 hired candidates, average closing times under 25 business days, candidate & client satisfaction over 93%, and a whipping offer acceptance rate of over 80%. Indicators that to this date still follow his track record.​


Over the years, Wizhire has been conformed by a selected number of Technical recruiters of diverse technical expertise and sourcing methods. Some things join them together, a problem-solving and best-in-class attitude, backed up by just as stellar conversion rates, and satisfaction levels.

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